Amy Winehouse Dead at 27, Drug Overdose Suspected

Amy Winehouse, the beehived soul-jazz diva whose self-destructive behaviors overshadowed a unique musical talent, was discovered dead Saturday in her London residence, authorities said. She was 27. “Everyone who had been associated with Amy is stunned and devastated. Our thoughts are with her family and friends,” said Chris Goodman, a spokesperson for her publicity representatives. […]

Pinup and Rockabilly Makeup Book for Vintage Makeup Styling

Pinup and Rockabilly Makeup Book for Vintage Makeup Styling Lauren Rennells author of Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques, has put out a NEW book on Vintage Makeup Techniques called Retro Makeup: Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look. Each book complimenting the other both are great addition and starting places to any pinup or […]

Rockabilly Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentines day is just around the corner and there’s still enough time to get that special someone a gift that says you are thinking of them. For the Special guys in your life you can get anything from tattoo kits to tattoo books, girlie book and posters and for that special lady there are some […]

Workshops To Learn Rockabilly Hairstyling

Workshops To Learn Rockabilly Hairstyling Unless you have a mother who lived through the days of the 1940’s and 1950’s, you are going to have to learn your rockabilly and pin-up hairstyling from books, photo’s, videos and in some areas there are workshops to learn rockabilly hairstyling. There are also hairstylists who teach these types […]

Rockabilly Hairstyles, Pinup Makeup and Pinup Modeling

We have 3 books and 1 DVD we would like to show you… If you’re looking for  more tutorials on Rockabilly and Pinup Hairstyles, or you want to know how to do your own Rockabilly and Pinup Makeup, or you’re going to do some pinup modeling for your boyfriend, then go no further. We’ve go […]

How To Do Rockabilly and Pinup Hairstyles and Hairdos

While we could go on and on about How to do Rockabilly and Pinup Hairstyles and Hair-Do’s, we are just going to give you a link to the page we already have Videos and Tutorials of How to do Rockabilly Hairstyles. We also recommend a few books which we list below. Hopefully with the videos […]

Rockabilly, Pinup and Burlesque Hairstyles to Fit YOUR Face

Rockabilly, Pinup and Burlesque Hairstyles to Fit YOUR Face A facial guide to choosing the right Rockabilly, Pinup or Burlesque Hair Style for your face. The woman who is fortunately blessed with an oval face can wear any style with ease and flattery. But her less fortunate sisters who happen to have a long, thin […]

Pinup Hairstyles and Rockabilly HairStyles – Tutorial Video

Pin Up Hairstyles and Rockabilly Hair do’s  Video I’ve seen quite a lot of traffic looking for Pin Up hairstyles, rockabilly hair do’s and pin up hairstyle articles. While we will do articles on pin up hairstyles and rockabilly hair styling, we thought maybe videos would help the ladies with what they want to do. […]