Business Listings

We list and review businesses that are some how associated with a Rockabilly Lifestyle. Example: Clothing, Hair Stylists, Bands and Music, Bars and Dives, Events and Happenings,  Models and Photographers. With your listing you can have your logo or banner placed on the site as well.

Get Listed

If you would like to have your business listed with us, we have a submission policy. You can submit your business listing for free but you must have a reciprocal link on your site. We also ask for 2 articles (300-400 words) about your business and it’s fit in the Rockabilly Lifestyle. Such as if you were a photographer you would submit an article on tips for aspiring pinup models, or tips for photographers to shoot better pinup photos. Reviewing can take up to a week but you will be notified when it is placed. We aslo ask for a reciprocal link from you to here. We check for our links on sites regularly and if we do not find our link on your site when we check, your listing may be taken down immediately, no more link love for you. If you can’t for some reason place a link we can make an exception. 🙂

Guaranteed Inclusion

If you would like a guaranteed inclusion to our listing and an expedited review, we charge a fee of $29.97 per year. For $29.97 you get an expedited, guaranteed listing in our directory and a review of your website or business within 3-4 days.