Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Tips for the Rockabilly Lifestyle

Rockabilly Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe Tips

Rockabilly Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe Tips

Guest Post by Marla Verdugo

Hello Dollface…

Rockabilly makeup is very bold and clean…The trick is to make your makeup look minimal.

The Eyes:

Very defined, dark, semi-thick eye brows, arch varies on your face shape.

Eyes, Lips and Cheeks <br>Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/Photo - m. Verdugo

Eyes, Lips and Cheeks Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/Photo - M. Verdugo

For eyeshadow , I recommend sticking to nudes and pale pinks.

Feel free to pack on the black eyeliner, particularly to the top and wing it out…you may add a little on the bottom just enough to make your eye color pop.

Big and flirty eyelashes…Don’t be afraid to use falsies, especially on the outer corners…dab the bottom lashes with mascara.

*But please don’t do the super duper shadowy-colors…this drives me nuts. (Save those deep shadows  and pencil thin eyebrows for the 1920s & 1930s glam look…trust me.)


Bright reds and pinks. Sometimes suttle is good when you just want that little innocent-popsicle-stained pout…(I personally am a fan of blue-toned reds and pinks than the ones with orange hues.)


Bright and rosie and sun kissed…apply cheek color to apples and be careful not to get carried away with contouring.

Going to wash that man right out of my hair…or girl…


Hair Tips and Tricks Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe - M. Verdugo Photo - Red Carpet Studios

Well not really. Especially if you are doing an intricate style, you want to keep your hair dirty. The dirtier your hair, the better it holds.

Tools needed for victory rolls:

  • Dirty hair!
  • Hairspray, a setting cream or lotion (Thermasilk works great), an aerosol hairspray lots of bobbypins, a brush and a pick. (hair stuffer if your hair type needs the height and volume and curling iron if you are in a hurry).

Victory rolls can take some practice, but you basically curl hair, brush it out, backcomb, and roll it and pin it. (for more detailed tips…feel free to email me.)

Taking the easy way out…sometimes looks better. You don’t have to wear victory rolls to be a rockabilly gal…sometimes simple makes more of a statement.

  • Bandanas are great statement pieces and terrific for bad hair days…tie it up like a headband, with a knot on top. Or pile your hair on your head and wrap it up like a diaper Rosie the Riveter style.
  • A flower in your hair. Part your hair to one side and leave some soft loose curls in. Tuck your hair behind your ear on the side with less hair and pin a gardenia, rose or something similar.

    Bandanas can be a girls best friend

    Bandanas are great for bad hair days! Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/Photo - M. Verdugo

  • Pageboy and school girl bangs. Curl your hair and brush it out and under with a round brush. If you already have school girl bangs, you are one step ahead…If not, you can create some mock-bangs with some bobby pins.
  • Pony tails!
  • Now if you have short hair, you can slick the sides and do a little pompadour…pomade and putty work swell.

“You have a body like a coke bottle…”

These classics will get you by.

  • Jeans, (Levi’s are always the best way to go…) You can pull off a very girly-school girl look, a masculine-tomboy look, or a rebel look with jeans.  Big cuffs, whether you do a flood pant/pedal-pusher style or a long pant style…Cuff ‘em daddy!
  • Shorts, high waisted and basic…lengths can be tricky…but a good girl length is just barely above the knee (with a slight cuff if they are denim.) Shorter shorts are a little bit racier (obviously) and more of a beach look.
  • Both jeans and shirts can go great with cardigans….plain white tees, tanks “wife-beaters”, classic button up shirts you can tie up in a knot to show off your tummy. Or if you want to keep warm or are more of a tomboy or rebel, throw on a flannel.
  • Full circle skirts are usually more for the goody-goody type…
  • And form-fitting dresses will definitely have you turning heads…
  • Leather motorcycle jacket (faux is fine of course!)


  • Saddle shoes
  • Peep toe high heels
  • Converse high tops in black (chucks)
  • Basic black flats
  • Basic white tennis shoes (similar to classic Keds)
  • Cowboy boots

Have fun!

About the Artist:
Marla Verdugo “Cupcake” is a makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe stylist and photographer. She specializes in vintage inspired looks from the 1920s – early 1960s, but does not limit her creativity to one genre. She enjoys working on her own projects as well as collaborating with other artists. She has been doing makeup for the San Diego Charger Girls for two years in a row and also enjoys styling high fashion and editorial shoots. She keeps herself grounded and humble.

The number one advice she would give to you is to have fun! Number two is that if you are going to a photo shoot or it is a big event for you…trust a professional. Especially for photoshoots, it is always a great idea to keep your stylist at hand when possible.  Stylist are able to keep an eye on things that you (the model) or the photographer may not catch…hair out of place, wardrobe malfunction, the list goes on.

To see some vintage/pinup inspired  and other looks created by Marla Verdugo, check out and You may contact her at

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8 Responses to “Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Tips for the Rockabilly Lifestyle”
  1. Clint says:

    This isn’t rockabilly lol.

    This is 50’s style makeup. Typical of women in that decade. This isn’t special to rockabilly at all. Wow… the nerve of some people.

    • dmdm619 says:

      What do you think Rockabilly is based on? The 50’s. So yes you are exactly correct. My you Are brilliant…Yeah the nerve of Some People! Where’d you go to school? Sir James Dunn Collegiate And Vocational School? 😉

      • Leslie Farr says:

        In my mind Rockabilly is 50’s style mixed with alot of more modern punk with the tattoo’s and more tough look. the both of them mixed together make up for a great look! I personally love the looks all wrapped together, to each there own!

  2. gina says:

    Thanks for the great tips…

  3. Leslie Farr says:

    Thanks for the tips!! I did my photo shoot with the help of this web site! If you get a chance check em’ out at my sneak peaks of Leslie Farr’s pin-up photo shoot!


  4. Andy Beth says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to give us those tips! They were great!


  5. Alexandra says:

    This IS rockabilly. For those of you who have not done your homework before posting “rockabilly” or rock and hill Billy originated after the rock movement in the 50’s. Women then worked in flannels an pants and came home to dress more seductive and alluring. Pin up’s and muscle car models have the rockabilly look. Also modern day Dita Von Teese is very rockabilly.
    PSYCHOBILLY is the modern day rockabilly. Psychobilly girls may have multiple tones in their hair where as rockabilly is basically red, black or blonde hair. Psychobilly girls can also be seen wearing tattoos and piercings. Their clothing is still based off the rockabilly look but some items have more of an “edge” or punk rock/grunge feel to them… Rockabilly and psychobilly are both very interesting styles, I myself love it because of the seductive feel and confidence when I look like a modern day pin up!

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