Rockabilly Hairstyling Tips for Women

Rockabilly Hairstyling Tips for Women

Guest Post by Elana Kluner

If you’re the girl who runs with scissors or the girl that keeps them in her toolbox, here are some Rockabilly hairstyling tips for you. The brave and bold will go the extreme with their locks, but the more conservative and cautious will go with the imitation. Whatever you choose, these tips will give you that glamourous look that you desire. Just follow these steps and be prepared to have the boys whistling. Then tell them that they better watch out because you might be the next pin-up girl posing for the cover of Cosmo Magazine. But like any good beautician would say, lets start at the very beginning. So here we go, pick your category, get out your shopping list and pen and jot these babies down. Feel free to mix the two if your weary on which personality suits you best. Once you’ve got these, then go to your local pharmacy and get to work.

The Extremest,  The Cautious

  1. Scissors,  1. Bobbie Pins
  2. Narrow Tooth Comb,  2. Long rolling pin
  3. Curling Iron, 3. Curling Iron
  4. Hair Spray,  4. Hairspray

Okay girls, so the key here is volume. It is best to start off with freshly washed hair so your locks don’t look weighed down or flat. No matter which side you are choosing, or lingering  between the two, you are going to have the same outcome. These helpful hints are simple, fun and effective. So lay your new purchases out, sit in your beauty chair, stare into that vanity mirror and lets get to work.

Alright Miss Extremist, we will start with your locks first. You are going to want your hair to be dry so either blow dry it or let it dry naturally, whatever works best for you. Next, place your fingers on your temples and draw an imaginary line straight upwards until you reach your hairline. This will mark both ends of where your bangs will be. Now section off your hair by connecting these two points into a center spot about two inches back from your widows peak. Pull this section forward and tie back the rest of your hair to get it out of the way. Now you are ready to cut your Rockabilly bangs. Take your narrow tooth comb and pull it through your locks until its around the center of your nose.  Make sure every bit of hair is pulled to the same length and tension. Now take your scissors and slowly make small snippets all the way across the center of your forehead until all of the excess hair is cut off. You can fix them up if there are any pieces that are to long by simply snipping them with the back the the scissors resting against your forehead. Now you have true Rockabilly bangs.

And for Miss Cautious, heres how we will give you the same effect for your bangs without having to chop them off. Section off your hair the same way as explained above and pull back the rest. Smooth out this section with your fingers and add a spitz of hair spray if your hair is acting rebellious or frizzy. Now, connect the tips of your bangs to the top of the long rolling pin and roll your hair inwards, around the pin, until your reach your roots. Hairspray this section to hold it in place then very carefully and slowly, slide the rolling pin out of one side while keeping your fingers in the whole of your hair to keep the shape. Now take your bobby pins and stick them through the inside and bottom of your new bangs. Finish off with another touch of hairspray and Tad-ah, you have Rockabilly bangs.

Now its time to let your hair loose. This is the more time consuming part but it’s easy to do. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you might want to do this in layers. Pick up a portion of your hair that is compatible with the size of your curling iron. This might be a pinch or a whole chunk, it doesn’t matter as long as it fits. Next, curl this piece all the way to your roots, hold for 3 to 5 sections, then let it go. Continue this with your entire head until every piece is curled. Once this is completed, softly comb your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and give is a more natural effect. This will make your hair fluffy and light. Once you have gotten it to your desirable look, take your hairspray and lock that baby down. Make sure not to overdue it on the spray, as this will make it look stiff and heavy. Now you are ready to go strut your stuff and show off your new look.

Elana Kluner is a San Diego resident and currently studying  Journalism and Creative Writing in Auckland, New Zealand. She is also a professional Dancer with many credits to her name and experience with The Millennium Dance Complex and can be reached at

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