Vintage Hairstyles How To’s, Vintage Hair Style Definitions and Vintage Hair Style History

Vintage Hairstyles How To’s, Vintage Hair Style Definitions and Vintage Hair Style History

I’ve been looking around for more information on hairstyles, how to’s and vintage hairstyle books, and have some juicy info for you ladies today.

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Hair rolls are what most people think of when they think of vintage 1940s hair-dos. If you have at least shoulder length hair, you can do rolls! Give it a shot – it takes a bit of time to dry your hair once it’s in curlers, so leave yourself plenty of time between starting your hair and walking out the door, or invest in a bonnet dryer from a beauty supply store or thrift shop.

Pin curls
Pin curls are the basis for almost every 40’s style – even if you put the front of your hair in rolls, you still want to make sure the back of your head is as pretty as the front. They’re not hard to do, and once you have the hang of it, you can sit on the sofa and twist your locks up into pin curls without even looking in a mirror.

It would be practically impossible to introduce a curl or wave into hair using only the fingers and a comb if that hair is dry, simply because the hair is not softened or plasticized. If the hair is partially wet or wet only on the surface, it will be only partially softened and, therefore, still unable to readily accept a new form.

However if the hair is thoroughly wet from top to scalp and to the core of each hair, it becomes plastic enough to form easily into a new position of curls or waves. From that point, thorough and complete drying hardens the hair. In its new form, you should have a lasting set until such time as the hair absorbs moisture from the air surrounding it to once more soften itself. As it is no longer controlled by hairpins and a net, it will then relax and lose the formation that was given it during the fingerwave.

Obviously, then, it is important to use a wetting agent that will primarily wet the hair through and through and, after the setting, dry out of the hair thoroughly.

Do Rags
Do Rags started off as a way to cover up your pin curl pins when you absolutely had to leave the house while your hair was drying. Once gals hit the workforce, the bandanna became a necessary method of keeping their locks out of the machinery. But if you’re looking for a tidy and easy way to put your hair up in a more casual fashion without fussing, this will do the trick.

Rag Curlers
Want ringlets but don’t want to deal with the pins? Want the effect of curlers without having to sleep on them? Give rag curlers a try! For those of you with curly hair, rag curlers can tame your wild locks, and for those with straight hair, you’ll get a head-full of curls!

Choosing a Style to Flatter Your Face
Long and thin, or short and full – choose a style to flatter your particular face shape. For more reading on Choosing the Right Hair Style for your Face, Go Here:

Rockabilly, Pinup and Burlesque Hairstyles to Fit YOUR Face

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