Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Nude Gallery and Apologizes to Sandra Bullock

Be sure to check out the Nude Photo Gallery of Michelle”So Cal Bombshell” McGee at the end of this post.

In a world exclusive Michelle “So cal Bombshell” McGee, makes a public “heartfelt apology” to Sandra Bullock, for her affair with Jesse James.

“I do feel guilty. I feed bad for Sandra,” McGee tells Australian TV show TodayTonight (via Yahoo!) in a new interview. “I’m sorry for your embarrassment. I’m sorry all this is public. I’m sorry for everything.” She said during the interview.

She also says “She knows what Sandra is going through”, and “She must be hurt, devastated, upset, embarrassed. I want to give her a heartfelt apology,” she adds. “I’m sorry for her embarrassment and pain. I do feel really bad about it.”

McGee blames James for claiming he was separated from Bullock when she first hooked up with him. Saying she feels just as Duped as Bullock, because Jesse James was not upfront with her in the beginning.

Here is one of many nude photo galleries of Michelle “So Cal Bombshell” McGee that everyone has been looking for.

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    She is a beautiful woman and very nice body.


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