So. Cal. Hellbilly Fest and Car Show – July 31st

I was at Ink-n-Iron a couple of weeks ago and saw a flier for the first annual So Cal Hellbilly Fest and Car show. I had to pick it up and take a look at what was going on. Being in San Diego we have a few small events but this is one event that’s going to rock San Diego, and Hopefully continue rocking San Diego for years to come.

I caught up with Garry Thayer from North County San Diego on the o0hone last week and had a conversation with him about his little shindig. He’s been putting on shows here in S.D.  for a while now,  one or two a month at about 4-5 different venues spread across the county. This is a much bigger venue he says than most of the other places he works with. He said it needed to be a bigger venue for the number of bands and the car show.

I asked him how many people he expects to show at the Hellbilly Festa nd Car Show, and he said he thinks it’s going to be big, somewhat crazy, maybe even off the hook but to ask him August 1st for the official count. I asked him how much he thought he would make, and said to ask him on August 5th for that number, but as of right now he’s sunk about $6,500 into the event.

Garry says he’s the only person organizing and putting on this show and that next year he’s hiring some people to help him. A pretty big and hectic job organizing something like this but he says he’s happy so far with the possible outcome. Garry’s been watching the Rockabilly scene come and go from San Diego and he has always wanted to see someone bring it or some events back to San Diego, and that person eventually turned out to be him.

For those of you in San Diego that remember it, this Little festival is being held at the old Magnolia Mulvaney’s in Santee. In case you show up and want to thank Garry for his efforts at the show, he looks like this, and the line-up is below.

For Ticket Info go here:



Garry ThayerRockabilly Rebel Entertainment

Current Line-up as of this writing:

WC’s Wagon Wheel   in  Santee  – 11 acts

-The Honkys                                   2:00-2:45
-Zombie Cartel                                3:00-3:45
-Tommy & the stilletos                         4:00-4:45
-The Palominos                                5:00-545
-Embalmers                                     6:00-6:45
-Graceland Mafia                              7:00-7:45
-Cold Blue Rebels                             8:00-8:45
-Hard Fall Hearts                              9:00-945       (Dead Bolt Set Up at 9:45)
-Caberurlesque Kittens                     10:00-10:45
-Dead Bolt                                       11:00-12:00
-Three bad jacks                              12:15-1:30

Hellbilly Fest and Car Show

Hellbilly Fest and Car Show

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