Deadbolt – The Scariest Band in the World

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Deadbolt – Ink -n- Iron 2008

In 1988, a band was formed in San Diego, California by the name of Deadbolt. This band consisted of three members; Harley Davidson, Robert Maclean and Les Vegas. Davidson was the guitarist and vocalist, Maclean was the bassist and vocalist and Vegas was the drummer.

Together they created a style of music known today as Voodoobilly. Throughout the course of their existence, they lost a few of their members, but gained even more. Vegas left the band years later and his departure inspired the other two to create the song “Po’ Boy”, which became a hit on their Hobo Babylon album.

The group released several albums which included disputable lyrics and unique sounds. This lead Deadbolt to their own tour throughout Europe and North America. Their tours were known for being exciting and explosive, as they would use power tools in all of their live performances.

When Les Vegas left, the Deadbolt added some new members to the band.They added a bassist and guitarist named The Phantom and four other bassists. These bassists were Claymore Mines, Moose Cutter, The Coroner and Coffin Boy. They also used another Vocalist and guitarist by the name of Diana Death. Diana was not a full time member of the band but put in many contributions to quite a few of their songs. These members stayed together for a number of years but slowly started to fall apart after that.

Once these five members faded out, Deadbolt gained two new members. This time one of them was a perfect replacement for Vegas because he was an incredible drummer. The other one was another bassist who made up for the other four that the group lost. The bassists name is Gary, also known as 3rd Degree, and the drummers name is Tank Johnson. These two members along with the original two are still around today. They consider themselves “The Scariest Band in the World” and continue to play their music for all their fans.

DeadBolt – Ink -n- Iron 2008

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7 Responses to “Deadbolt – The Scariest Band in the World”
  1. 3rd Degree says:

    Hey Darkman. you need a fact checker. I’ve been in the band since the day R.A. Maclean left in 1994. Coffin Boy and I were the original “Wall of Thunder”(Two bass players) since then there have been many temporary members and replacements( as you mentioned) due to the fact that not everybody can tour year round. Even R.A. returns when he can. We always refer to the live show as being like a crap shoot, you never know what you’ll get. Our main goal is to entertain and have fun and for 20+ years now I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Anyway just wanted to set the history straight and thanks for spreading the news.
    3rd Degree Burns

    • Darkman says:

      Thanks for the comment. Maybe you can help me correct the article then? How should it read? We researched the article over several sites and such, but when the facts aren’t always there or a little, garbled it can be hard to get it straight unless someone comes along and corrects it.
      So at Ink n Iron it was you(#rd Degree), Badtime Charlie(Drums), R.A. Maclean(Bass) and Harley(Guitar) right?

    • Greg says:

      @3rd Degree – I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard your sound until Halloween 2009! Pyschic Voodoo Doll was the first then Billy’s Dead. I feel fortunate and cheated! Cheated because I spent 3+ years (2002-05) with my own radio show in Missoula MT while in grad school and never knew of you guys and fortunate because now I can’t imagine music without DB comin from the speakers. Anyway, keep up the good work, very unique and spot on sound!

      I can only speak for myself but I know another tour with The Rev would be phenomenal, preferably swinging through OC and SD, where I lay!

      I tell ya, this one’s for Albert!

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