Pinup and Rockabilly Makeup Book List

Pinup and Rockabilly Makeup Book List

We get a lot of requests for resources for Makeup for Pinup Modeling and just general Rockabilly makeup. So we’ve put together a list of books for just that purpose: Makeup, Eyebrows and Hairstyles. The makeup books by Kevyn Aucoin are a very good resource for several different styles of pinup, rockabilly and Hollywood glamour style makeup. Kevyn explores period pieces from the early days of film(1920’s) to today with clear instructions and makeup pieces. The Bobbi Brown books are a great resources for makeup in general including skin and face care, something I have found as a photographer, to be invaluable. You would be surprised at how many women DO NOT know about skin and face care. Got big pores, you should read this book, black heads, read this book, just need to know how to clean your skin and apply good makeup? READ THESE BOOKS.

Then there is the ALMIGHTY Eyebrow book. Ladies, if you haven’t had formal training in sculping your eyebrows for YOUR face shape, you should get this book right now. Many ladies do their eyebrows the way they THINK they should be done, but they are wrong for their face. Also it teaches how just one or two eyebrow lashes out of place can change the whole look of the face. Check it.

These books, are a valuable resources for ANY women wanting to look her very best for ANY occasion. If you are still unsure about having your makeup done before a shoot, please see this post here at Darkmans Darkroom

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