Amy Winehouse Dead at 27, Drug Overdose Suspected

Amy Winehouse, the beehived soul-jazz diva whose self-destructive behaviors overshadowed a unique musical talent, was discovered dead Saturday in her London residence, authorities said. She was 27. “Everyone who had been associated with Amy is stunned and devastated. Our thoughts are with her family and friends,” said Chris Goodman, a spokesperson for her publicity representatives. […]

Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Tips for the Rockabilly Lifestyle

Guest Post by Marla Verdugo Hello Dollface… Rockabilly makeup is very bold and clean…The trick is to make your makeup look minimal. The Eyes: Very defined, dark, semi-thick eye brows, arch varies on your face shape. For eyeshadow , I recommend sticking to nudes and pale pinks. Feel free to pack on the black eyeliner, […]

Rockabilly Hairdos and Hairstyles

Of the few basic hairstyles for men in the rockabilly scene, one of the most popular would have to be the ducktail haircut, otherwise known as the “D.A.” Short for Ducks Ass. A symbol of the 50’s that’s captured the imagination’s of many and endured decades to the present. The D.A. was achieved by combing […]

Hootenanny 2009, what a day!!!

July 7, 2009 by  
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WOW… Thats all I can say. The bands on Saturday were freaking outstanding, and the music just didn’t stop. One band after another, and the action just didn’t stop. I was there to photo the event for myself and for Golden Voice, The promoter of the gig, and I wanted to run around and see […]