Pinup Hairstyles and Rockabilly HairStyles – Tutorial Video

Pin Up Hairstyles and Rockabilly Hair do’s  Video

I’ve seen quite a lot of traffic looking for Pin Up hairstyles, rockabilly hair do’s and pin up hairstyle articles. While we will do articles on pin up hairstyles and rockabilly hair styling, we thought maybe videos would help the ladies with what they want to do. I know as a guy, I have it totally easy, a little grease, a swipe of the comb and I’m done. Ladies however have a bit more work to do and with that being said we present our first video on the subject.

Enjoy these pin up hairstyle videos…








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5 Responses to “Pinup Hairstyles and Rockabilly HairStyles – Tutorial Video”
  1. Jacqui says:

    Love your site and especially the hair tutorials.

    • Darkman says:

      Thanks Jacqui, we try to help out and give people things they can use.

    • sarah says:

      thank you! I am a OR trauma nurse that spends most of her time in scrub hats and putting people back together, but i have searched high and low for someone to show me how to make my hair have a rockabilly yet classy look, and you gave that to me! i think this look will really knock my husband off his feet!! <3 my love of rockabilly now has a style to go with it!!

  2. Anna McGeough says:

    Love this site

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