Tiki Oasis 2013 – HulaBilly, a Hawaiian Hootenanny!

This year at Tiki Oasis they’re exploring the Hawaiian influence on American music. Part Americana, part Hawaiiana, Hulabilly is an American music style derived from the blending of Rockabilly and Haole Hawaiian music. Just as Tiki Style is a blend of Polynesian influences as interpreted through Americans’ romanticized view of the South Seas, Hawaiian music […]

Bunny Yeager – Pinup Photographer

Article by Mike at Glamour Photographers For most people, Bunny Yeager is best known for her photography work involving Bettie Page. Bunny has many tasteful collections of many other models she’s photographed, but most don’t know she started herself as a model for US Camera and it wasn’t long before she decided to go on […]

Rockabilly Hairstyles, Pinup Makeup and Pinup Modeling

We have 3 books and 1 DVD we would like to show you… If you’re looking for  more tutorials on Rockabilly and Pinup Hairstyles, or you want to know how to do your own Rockabilly and Pinup Makeup, or you’re going to do some pinup modeling for your boyfriend, then go no further. We’ve go […]

Pinup Models and Pinup Modeling Tips

Pinup Models and Pinup Modeling A pin-up model specializes in provocative poses, however, pin-up photography is not pornography. It features fully-clothed women in playful and suggestive stances. Traditional pin-up art never shows nudity and prefers to leave a lot to the imagination. The women in these photos, often times smiling and friendly-looking, suggesting the “girl-next-door” […]

Ink -n- Iron 2009, will you be there?

So Ink -n- Iron 2009 is quickly approaching us, in fact it’s just days away, 2 1/2 to be exact, but who’s counting right? I’m one of the Official Photographers for the event this year. I have been assigned to photo the 12 finalists for the Pinup Pageant this year, and I am looking forward to spending a bit […]