Rockabilly Clothes and Rockabilly Style Music!

Rockabilly Clothes and Rockabilly Style Music!

Rockabilly style comes from a combination of an era, a feeling, the music, and some sense of magic.  This is not the golden oldies.   This is a forgotten era of music that has not been recorded, and so this rockabilly fashion is a trend that is growing like crazy right now.  Rockabilly clothes, in a sense, come from the mid-1950s era but has been blended quite a bit with today’s edgy look, creating a whole new style.  This style is on the cutting edge of fashion and retro blended.  This style takes the classic elements of fashion and blends it with today’s hottest new trends to create rockabilly fashion.

Beginning with rockabilly clothes requires beginning with the 1950s style trends.  Everything from clothing to hair, makeup to shoes, all of these things will be considered when you are looking to create the rockabilly style. There are a lot of “retro” items that will be useful if you’re looking to achieve this look.  Take a look at the popular hobbies of the 1950s, such as bowling, working on cars, and model rockets.  The type of clothing or other symbolic representations of these hobbies can be a great way to make rockabilly fashion work.  You can find some of these retro items by going to your local thrift shop!

The hair and makeup required to go along with rockabilly clothes for rockabilly style to look its best is also placed in a 1950s setting.  The era was beautifully placed and styled hair, simple, yet bold makeup.  Rockabilly clothing accented with the properly done hair and makeup puts rockabilly fashion together perfectly.  For the ladies, heavy eyeliner, with strongly defined eye shadow and overall eye makeup was the main trick.  Keeping the makeup looking otherwise very natural is key.  This look is impossible to deny when done just right.

Rockabilly clothes for ladies involved dresses the majority of the time.  Consider yourself among the classic Hollywood female icons when you are picking out a dress for rockabilly clothing!  You can rock out this rockabilly style if you go into your vintage or thrift shops and really look for the right shape.  They were form fitting, flattering, simple, and lovely.  The whole look really comes together when you have your hair, makeup, and clothing all in place, minus the makeup of course if you are a guy!  You can be a rockabilly fashion icon with just a few simple and classic looks!

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  1. Sal/Lety says:

    good explanation for sum1 who is new to it all 🙂


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