Who Wear’s Short Shorts?

Who wears short shorts?

Guest post by Elana Kluner

Shorts of the 40's

Shorts of the 40's

The rockabilly shorts are a signature staple of the 1940’s pin up girls. We recognize these on the hottest celebrities and models posing for coke ads over harbor bridges, or something of that sort. The shorts spread from a wide variety of fabrics, but never failed to hold the same design and structure. These, most commonly jean, white, or plaid bottoms, were high wasted and quite short in length. They accentuated the ideal female figure of that time by forming tight to the body and showing off the women’s sexy curves and long legs. The men would go wild over these woman and the rockabilly shorts could definitely take the credit for that.

Nowadays, not only do rockabilly style followers adore these shorts but we can also see popular Fashion Designers grabbing inspiration from these 40’s pin ups girls and making them their own. Rockabilly shorts gain raves on the runway and constantly show themselves in modern reality TV shows. Sequined fabrics and extravagant colored patterns are now used for the shorts to update the style for a more appealing and funky effect. Fashion is a repetitive pattern, where we recreate styles from past decades, but we continue to add our own flare and let the designs evolve.

There were a few concerns with the 1940’s rockabilly shorts when they were brought back to life over the past few years. Women complained that the high waisted style with long pockets made their bottoms look flat and “mom-like”.  With all the video girls and celebrities with curvy bottoms, this puts a lot of pressure on females to strut their stuff and

Model: Amalilla

Model:Amalilla, Ink n Iron 2009

make sure that every outfit compliments their figure. Fashion Designers recognized this and solved the problem by making hip height pockets. This allowed for the shorts to keep that 1940’s look, but also giving the effect of a rounded, more voluptuous bottom.

Girls can wear these 21st century rockabilly shorts with heels or boots and add anything on top from a flowing blouse to a tight fitted tank top and a blazer. They can be dressed up or played down, regardless of the pattern, fabric, or style. The shorts celebrate the fabulous female figure and allow women of all shapes and sizes to feel and look sexy in them. Although some pairs of the more couture rockabilly shorts can be pretty expensive, there are still plenty of retail stores that sell them for a reasonable price. And if all else fails, you can always sneak into your mothers closet, take her old pair of high waisted pants, grab a pair of scissors and get to work. After all, rockabilly style is all about fun and creativity.


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