Lessons for Pinup Models & Photographers from Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

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Pictures of tattooed web pr0n girl, Michelle “So Cal Bombshell” McGee, have been circulating all around the internet lately, due to the “Bombshell” blast of media coverage of her affair with TV show star Jesse James. James, of Monster Garage fame, as many of you know is the husband of Oscar winning Actress Sandra Bullock, allegedly had an affair with Michelle McGee and was caught, causing his wife Sandra Bullock to leave him and go into hiding.

Supposedly, McGee was paid $30,000 for the story about her and James, by In Touch Magazine Weekly. In Touch Weekly then contacted Bullocks PR Person, as a courtesy, to alert her of the pending story. This happening shortly after she took an Oscar for her performance in the movie “Blind Sided”. Talk about being Blind Sided. Bullock moved out just days before the news broke of the torrid affair, leaving her devastated and pushed her into hiding.

Ok my opinion in this, being a photographer with a little bit of a name in So Cal, and almost photographing Michelle “So Cal Bombshell” McGee at one point, when you become a high profile figure, or get involved with a high profile figure, all eyes are on you. Duh. You become an easy target for words and gossip.

What was Jesse James thinking? Oh wait, in his recent TV show “Jesse James is a Dead Man”, sorta rings true now. Your credibility is Dead, your public image is Dead, your marriage is most likely dead and you were with a tattooed web porn girl? She’s not even a real pr0n movie star, and his(James) wife was a real life Oscar Winning Movie Star. Duh. Let’s make one think clear here, someone was not thinking with his right head.

If some of you don’t know of my photography please see my website, Darkmans Darkroom, and familiarize yourself with my work. I say this only for the next section of this article.

My “almost” photo shoot with Michelle Bombshell was a couple years ago. I was scheduling her to photo with me, we were going to do some Hollywood glamour meets nude artwork, and she said she was bringing her son, stating he occupies himself on the couch while she’s shooting. Personally I didn’t feel at all comfortable with this and told her we could reschedule when she was able to get a baby sitter. At that point in my life I wasn’t a father yet but had my own opinions of this type of behavior: leave the children at home while doing nude photography, please.

Shortly thereafter I was told by a friend who had talked to her, she was bad mouthing Me, for not allowing her to bring her little boy to the photo shoot! Can you believe that? I’m the bad guy for not allowing her little boy to come watch a stranger photo his mommy in the nude! At that point I un-friended her from any social networks I might be on and have her as a friend.

I have a steadfast motto, being a photographer and a somewhat high profile one at that, ” I don’t f*** who I photo, and I don’t photo who I f***” A motto that has served me well and has kept my reputation spotless when it comes to model photographer relations. I have heard from other photographers who have photoed models I have photoed, with remarks about being professional, nice and not a GWC.

A GWC, meaning “Guy with Camera”, is a derogatory term for a guy who uses his camera to get close to models with the intent to photo them nude. Most usually Amateur photographers, if you can call them that, preying on Amateur models who don’t know any better or know the difference between good photography and bad.

Models and Photographers, take this as a lesson in ethics, if you’re going to play a game with your “Career”, be prepared to pay the ultimate price. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee may now have sudden notoriety, but at what price? I say if you’re going to be in the biz, play it clean and play it safe, because you never know who may be watching and photographing.

Oh and if you’re going to get tattooed, don’t get your face tattooed, who knows what it’s going to look like in 20-30 years, and if you do, at least make sure it’s legible, MMKay?

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