Buy Cheap Makeup – E.L.F. Makeup, Cheap Makeup but Good Makeup

If you ever want to buy cheap makeup, but good makeup, you have to check out E.L.F.. I probably should qualify myself for this post, in saying that I know a bit about makeup thanks to Marissa Freeman. Marissa is by far one of, if not The best MUA(makeup artist) I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She really knows the different period looks and styles of makeup, and has taught me a lot about makeup in general, just from the shoots we have worked on together.

Being a photographer who does many period type shoots I always require makeup, and it’s funny to hear myself say this, but I look for good deals on makeup so I can pass the deals on to “my girls”. No really I do. So one of the makeup lines I ran across lately is E.L.F., a line that you can get online and is very affordable. Items starting at $1 each, and up. with crazy deals on shipping too.

I am going to have to put it out there that yes I did apply for an affiliate account with them so if you decide to buy, use my links to their site. Makeup can be expensive and everyone likes cheap makeup, but good makeup. You should go to their site to check out the prices and buy some of their makeup. If you do get some of their product, let me know what you think, I have had one person tell me already it’s pretty decent makeup, for being cheap makeup, I mean inexpensive makeup.

Click here to buy cheap makeup


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One Response to “Buy Cheap Makeup – E.L.F. Makeup, Cheap Makeup but Good Makeup”
  1. Melissa says:

    I have purchased many E.L.F eyeshadows and brushes from my local H.E.B and I love them!

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