Where to buy Rockabilly Women’s Clothing

Where to buy Rockabilly Clothing for Women.

While perusing Amazon.com for Cd’s to review and books on rockabilly history, I noticed there’s an aweful lot of REALLY NICE Rockabilly Dresses and Clothing for Women there. I am serious, I got totally distracted and sidetracked by the dresses they have there.

Women have it nice when it comes to clothing, I am serious, I know they go through alot to get all gussied up and all, but man I tell you there’s some pretty spiffy dresses on there for sale.

So I decided I would dedicate this post to the ladies looking for cool stuff to wear.


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One Response to “Where to buy Rockabilly Women’s Clothing”
  1. jay says:

    Check out http://www.tensionwire.com as well for some women’s rockabilly style clothing. Brixton clothing has some style that have that vintage rock look as well. They seem to be coming out with alot of rockabilly types of hats too.

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