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Rockabilly dresses, not always called rockabilly dresses, used to be the staple of the 1950’s wardrobe of yesteryear’s women. However in today’s modern world they are perfect for those that like the vintage look. Imagine yourself back in the day with the likes of the glamorous Hollywood stars such as Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth. These dresses completely embraced the figure of women of that day and made everyone look fantastic. If showing off your curves and making everyone in the room stare then that style of dress is the perfect choice.

The Rockabilly Music Genre has a following that LOVES that style of clothing from yesteryear. It offers many different styles of dresses that include the lace dress, the 1950’s style halter, twirly dress, sweetheart dress and dinner dress to name a few styles, but there’s a style for every occasion.

The 1950’s style of clothing now known as the “Rockabilly Style”, has dresses that can be worn on a lovely warm summer day, so you look hot and stay cool at the same time. The dresses celebrate your curves without showing too much and leaving enough covered so there’s still some mystery left to the imagination. Rockabilly clothing covers all lines of clothing as well as the dresses; this would include purses, shoes and undergarments as well as the other side of the species: menswear.

Another of the styles of dress is the Trixie dress that is pulled in at the waist, haltered in the top and flowing in the skirt. This dress is a great vintage style dress that looks modern and is perfect for an afternoon BBQ or hootenanny.

Most of the retro or rockabilly style dresses follow the shape of a small waist and fuller skirt to emphasize a women’s beautiful figure. During this time curves were in and the majority of women look stunning in the rockabilly style dresses. Many of the dresses have Ribbons or Bows in bright colors that draw the eye to the figure. The prints used are usually small and compliment the style of the dress without overpowering the dress.

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