Ink -n- Iron Pt.2

Ink -n- Iron at Night

Ink -n- Iron at Night

It’s Friday and Ink -n- Iron starts today! Ink -n- Iron got it’s start from being the Long Beach Tattoo Convention in 2003, to being renamed Ink -n- Iron when the convention moved to the Queen Mary the following year. Ink -n- Iron has been a huge success since and people from all over the world come to Long Beach to show their skill, their art, and their cars for Cash, Prizes and Prestige. The website says “280 artists from 30 States and 25 Countries” will be showing their craft and their different styles of pricking the skin to make tattoos. as well as Tattoos theres  a ton of bands that are always playing and if they aren’t they are setting up to play. This years list of bands is too long to list here but you can go to the site and read the impressive line-up. Car competition will not be lacking as usual theres an abundance of contestants and then the usual suspects that show up each year, some to claim prizes year after year, some come to just show and enjoy the happenings each year. Girls, Girls , Girls… Along with Pinups and pompadors, theres Burlesque shows and beauty pageants, or maybe I should psay pinup pageants. Ladies Compete first on the website to become finalists then compete on stage to become Ms. Ink -n- Iron 2009.  Vendors galor from shoes to painted statues of the Virgin Mary or Madonna representing the Day of the Dead Culture and memorabilia to clothing and accesories for that rockabilly type outfit and lifestyle. While I hesitate to say Ink -n- Iron is a rockabilly event, it does have that certain rockabilly allure to it, and anythign rockabilly can usually be found there. Don’t let me forget the vintage style barber shp booth where a guy can get it up “high and tight”, and clean around the edges for just a few bucks. Well kiddies, time for this excited photographer to get going and pack up his gear as he has a load of ladies to shoot this weekend. I hope to see you there.

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