Get Wrecking with the Meteors

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Get Wrecking with the Meteors

Guest Post by Elana Kluner

Paul Fenech

Psychobilly music was their claim to fame and they weren’t afraid to show it. These people are no one else but the legendary band; The Meteors. Soft Rockabilly music wasn’t daring enough for these rebellious musicians so they decided to start a genre of their own. Their music drew fans from every scene; punk, rockabillies, bikers, and alternatives. With this amount of admiration, their popularity grew quickly and they were under the limelight in no time. The Meteors, also known as the kings of Psychobilly, got their inspiration for their music from their fascinations with perversion, death and horror. This darkness shows through in their music, way of dress, hairstyles and overall appearance.

The men of The Meteors are the purest punks around. Their skins are decorated with extravagant tattoos and they dye or shave their hair. They started a trend that gained follower from all walks of life. No matter where they preformed, whether it was United States, Israel, Japan or around Europe, they always had a loyal crowd. The Meteors were known to put out wild shows with mosh pits and dancing, but would always host a good vibe. They would also guarantee that their shows were free from religious and political views. As long as you were down to have a good time, you were invited to The Meteors’ show.

The Meteors were formed as group of extremely talented musicians who all had the same vision; to do something different. Paul Fenech started the group in 1980 with his vocals and guitar. He then brought together an upright and electric bassist by the name of Nigel Lewis and a drummer by the name of Mark Robertson. Together they weened away from their comfortable Rockabilly bands that they had once been a part of and decided to focus on their making of the still living Psychobilly music. Do to their dangerous ways, The Meteors had some tiffs with their performance venues along the way, preventing them from performing at popular Rockabilly clubs. They refused to give up, and starting wrecking house at more alternative bars, alongside bands such as The Clash and The Damned. Although throughout their years, they had gone through a couple of line up changes, The Meteors will always be remembered by “OTMAPP – Only The Meteors are Pure Psychobilly” (The World Wide Wrecking Crew).

Meteors Music:

The Meteors and Photographer Darkman

The Meteors and Photographer Darkman


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